Friday, July 31, 2009

This arid state of maturity

This desert drought of thought

This poisoned air of faith

This enveloping smog of freedom

This suffocating rain of vision

This violent storm of peace

This turbulent flight of opportunity

This flooded land of creativity

This vital sea of fear

This fatal avalanche of courage

This overcast sky of clarity

This darkened cave of love

This rocky path of good

This motorway of hell

This carnivore of pleasure

This single cell of honour

This written word of truth

This proud ignorance of life…


This contradiction of self…


Who said it was easy?

We are no longer prisoners

We are no longer prisoners

Of routine

Of foresight

Of expectations.

We are no longer tortured

By the wealth

Mistook for comfort

Disguised as respect.

We are no longer angry

At the forced wind of change

That haunted our only view

And captured our single dream.

We are no longer weakened

By thoughts of injustice

By regrets of time

By wasted talent.

We are no longer fooled

By other’s demands

By other’s guilt.

The guilt is not ours

And never will be…

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Inextricable connections

Falling down between the rain

Drowning beneath the steps of treason

Floating above the lies of fate.

There is a cloud, heavy as the tropical storm

That hovers above those who are weighted

By their own misfortune

By their own misguidance.

In return their soul is paid for

By others

By themselves

By those who will only see

The rage of the times

Amidst the chaos of yesterday

Within the calm of tomorrow.

Inevitable parallels

Streaming beyond the rays

Of tomorrows sunshine

Reflecting the beams

Of yesterdays hazy vision.

There is light, from within

The floorboards of foundation,

Exposing the nails which bond or decay

The relation between the supporting beams.

Those who believe in the shining

Of light through life,

Lived life

Will live

In life

With life,