Friday, January 29, 2010

the fading light up yonder
beckons me to consider you,
even though my solitude reigns above
the desert winds as
they circle the crevices
and bow down to the canyon.
the first star of the night
begins to shimmer in view
of the arid horizon,
allowing others to join
by his side
in the vast suspended ocean.
the perfumes of the evening
plants, plant themselves
upon me,
flowering me with their beauty
and protecting me with their
essence. never alone
beneath the blue black sky
and millions of stars.
I fantasize phantoms from the
rocks, and befriend their
souls with my hypnotized vision.
the seven sisters tower over
me, shading me from myself.
and then,
she graces me with her presence.
her glow proceeds her with
her body follows with fertile
form and translucent soul.
she governs.
she masters the motorways of wind.
she reigns her night kingdom
with power and glory,
inviting her subjects to fall silent
in her grace.
she is my queen
and always has been.
I may shine, as I rule my own sun,
but she marks my word
and enlightens my darkest hour.