Monday, September 17, 2012

Documents of Love

There will be no end to the beauty you present me.
There will be no end to the journey that unravels each day
Inviting the untrodden path to beckon to us from beyond.
There will be no resistence to the pull of the moon
As she summons the sun to his knees and veils his anger
From the Gods.
There is no other place on earth remembered
With such fondness as that of the desert.
Her majestic walls towered over our altar of love
As her relentless, merciless heat encircled
Our every move and encaptured our entangled spirits.
Our spirits will expand with the belief that the
Universe has united us in the purest of moments,
Cradling us in her palm, as she breathes life into ours,
Gently, yet precisely assisting us through the light.
There will be light.
The light will envelop us and guide us into complete suspension
Where weighted platforms will one day leave us
Free to expand beyond our skin, beyond our thoughts,
Beyond our love.
There will be no love as great as ours.
Our souls will lengthen with knowledge as we challenge
Each second that passes us by, each moment we spend apart,
Each day that draws us near.
There will be no Self without Us.
There will be no more Alone.
There will be no end to our love.

 apartment 3



 red rock



there is a plane

spiritual and physical

between us,

that governs,

that dictates,

that manipulates our mood,
and belief.
it is not evil, it is life.
it is not devastating, it is forthright.
we are to respect and adhere to it's mastery
if we are to allow ourselves to be free within it's reign.
we are to be humbled by it's knowledge
if we are to be wise in it's overbearing presence.
we are to love each other from afar
if we are to behold the beauty of our souls.
we are to breathe it's deathly poison
if we are to understand it's worth.
I am to you everything,
you are to me my dream.
embraced by the power of love beyond life,
we can only hold on,
with finger tips of pain,
yet we can chose to let it go,
with handfuls of joy.

“I will give you space” he said.

“I wouldn’t disturb you” he promised.

“We could drive into the desert and hold the

Sand between our bodies.

We could bathe in the sun and melt our skin

In time.
We could dive between the boulders and crash
Our bones to powder.
We could lye face down, a mile apart, and
Breathe the dust through our lungs.
We could move in silence with our shadows
At our side and touch each other’s fears.
We could climb above the relentless
Heat and cool our desire with thought.
We could dig deep beneath the desert’s
Face and search in vain for her mind…”

“It’s not space I need” I replied,
“It’s you”.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Illuminated eyes burn through

The reflection of an encased

Prison of influence.

That of elevated sensational


That of a collective synergy with

All perceptions born of a certain


That of woman.

Woman that breathes,

Woman that dreams,

Woman that becomes the Earth.

Shadowed beings hover with out-stretched

Limbs, clutching to the

Journey of an innocent thirst.

The following rendez-vous

Is obscured by layers of

Molecular essence,

Gliding through hemispheres

Divided only by command

Of thought, enhanced

Only by the breath of music,

Perceived only

Through the knowledge

Beyond touch.

Suspended under the light

Of diamond encrusted

Thought, an engraved

Impression laces reality

Unto a sonic ground

Orchestrated within a

Tortured performance.

The hour of recognition

Is surpassed only by

The denial of time,

Pulsating rhythmically

To the demands of once