Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Others...

They don’t hear my screams as they fall on sound proof barriers
Deaf to their insensitive radars,
Meanwhile my screams are deafening inside my head.
My sonic range of sensitivity is deafening 
To those of like-minded souls,
The eco waves piercing through the atmosphere of fear.
Blinding screams and silence.
How can these be reconciled?
How truly born of two worlds, apart, 
Yet released from the same source.
My scrambled thoughts cause a constrained collection of madness
Within my being, augmenting a permanent state of anxiety.
And why?
Because my voice of high frequency sonic value rebounds against
The insensitive receiver barriers of others,
Circling within my cave of darkness and confusing 
The purity of sound within my thoughts.
I will retreat to my cave, to my high frequency atmosphere
And I will chose to speak with tones of silence,
Only to those whose egos are tamed, 
Only to those whose frequency calms my soul,
Only to those from whom I can learn peace and silence within,
Only to those who listen.
I will emerge in dusk, in nightfall, with caution and silence
And I will sense, using my echo location, the habitats of
Those who commune with compassion, those who touch to feel,
Those who cry with joy at the highest frequency,

And those who have their fears close to their hearts.