Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Inextricable connections

Falling down between the rain

Drowning beneath the steps of treason

Floating above the lies of fate.

There is a cloud, heavy as the tropical storm

That hovers above those who are weighted

By their own misfortune

By their own misguidance.

In return their soul is paid for

By others

By themselves

By those who will only see

The rage of the times

Amidst the chaos of yesterday

Within the calm of tomorrow.

Inevitable parallels

Streaming beyond the rays

Of tomorrows sunshine

Reflecting the beams

Of yesterdays hazy vision.

There is light, from within

The floorboards of foundation,

Exposing the nails which bond or decay

The relation between the supporting beams.

Those who believe in the shining

Of light through life,

Lived life

Will live

In life

With life,


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