Friday, November 27, 2009


There is no moment

As radiant as that which

Carries one beyond the light

Of consideration.

There can be no thought

Beyond that of wanting the present

To be real,



And kind.

There is a glance,

A shimmer of gentle quiet

Which prevails

Which haunts

That which is held secret

Within the concentrated energy

Of spirit felt.

Through each effervescent breath

Expressed unwillingly

With the honour of truth,

One sees beyond the mist

And enters the field of fear

With confidence.


It could be that you feel as one

It could be that you dread the fear

Of pleasure sought within

Your soul.

It could be that one on one

As you seek beyond the glass

For salvation of the self

That the reflection of the mirror affront

Carries you into a world of your creation.

As you draw the curtains

Give courage to the rhythm of sound,

Allow light to enter your vision,

Open words to beautify your lips

And depart,

With head held high,

With eyes as clear as ice,

With love by your side.

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