Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Illuminated eyes burn through

The reflection of an encased

Prison of influence.

That of elevated sensational


That of a collective synergy with

All perceptions born of a certain


That of woman.

Woman that breathes,

Woman that dreams,

Woman that becomes the Earth.

Shadowed beings hover with out-stretched

Limbs, clutching to the

Journey of an innocent thirst.

The following rendez-vous

Is obscured by layers of

Molecular essence,

Gliding through hemispheres

Divided only by command

Of thought, enhanced

Only by the breath of music,

Perceived only

Through the knowledge

Beyond touch.

Suspended under the light

Of diamond encrusted

Thought, an engraved

Impression laces reality

Unto a sonic ground

Orchestrated within a

Tortured performance.

The hour of recognition

Is surpassed only by

The denial of time,

Pulsating rhythmically

To the demands of once


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