Wednesday, August 5, 2009

As government begins to auction

We sell our soul for a third of it’s true value.

The 28 billion will only half cover the debts

We have incurred over years of human existence.

To own treasuries makes no sense

When the most precious asset we have is our belief

In the self

In the Universe

In the balance of the two.

Earnings that continue to feed the mouths

Of greed

Of religion

Of war

Will only draw us closer to the worst poverty of all.

The poverty of thought

The poverty of opportunity

The poverty of creation.

The population of underdeveloped man

Has no relation to the place of settlement,

But all to do with the state of maturity

Of mind

Of body

Of soul.

In this time of instability

Let us not feed on stocks and shares

Let us not feed on dollars and dow

Let us not feed on the decline of trade,

But instead


Without shame

From the dept we owe

To ourselves.




Through creativity

Must reign,

As king

And his court

As Queen

And her chambers,

To govern



This volatile land

Laced in oil

We call his soul.

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