Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have her bottled in my senses.

I feel the grain of her smell upon my skin.

Each thought burns with the essence of five

Enriched moments beyond,

Beyond the moment of Recall,

Recalling the moment of Seduction.

With each breath I devour the memory,

Tasting the freedom of her charm.


Yesterday’s soap,

Today’s embrace,

Tomorrow’s Vision of Harmony.

Each moment deepens in time with my breath,

Each pore releases the power of Seduction. For me

To fall at her feet in adoration,

For her tainted skin,

For her stained aroma,

In the wake of her scent,

Through the trail of her perfume.


I sense her pulsating veins

Of wisdom and truth,

Of honour and quest,

Of why and how

We never met.

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