Wednesday, September 16, 2009


From frustration to comprehension.


Of individualism and suffocation,

With wisdom and clarity.

Or that is what they said!


A string of tension, drawn between

Two understandings of being,

Two perceptions of essence,

Two visions of life.

A pool of murkiness to cloud anyone’s

Self confidence amongst the shadows of power.


A ring master, orchestrating the fatal

Brutal dog fight to the kill.

The fear

Of finding yet another cadaver wrapped

Clinically in a polythene body bag

Floating down the Los Angeles river.

Graceless, with it’s heart fed to the dogs

And it’s soul thrown to the homeless.

To offer one’s skin, is to sacrifice one’s flesh.

To pledge one’s name to the cause, is to

Stand up and fight until the last torch dies.

I see no revenge, I see truth.

Truth in their eyes as they lie through their teeth.

Blood on their hands as they reign their kingdom of fear.

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